Ivory Bunker Samplepacks

Here are some free samplepacks with royalty free sounds for you to use in your music productions. - at the moment there are but two. – more will be added in the future, so make sure to come back -

Samplepack 1: Circuit Bent Toyphone  24bit/44.100 (102MB)*

Tozphone-  This samplepack contains 123 samples recorded from a Cicuit Bent Turkish Toyphone.
It has three subfolders containing a) sounds from the Toyphone before bending, (including the numbers from 0-9 in Turkish)*, b) unprocessed Circuit Bent sounds and c) a selection of sounds created with the Toyphone and a Kaoss Pad quad.

*handy if you’ve always wanted to do that Turkish cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘Numbers’

A bit of background info on the bending process can be found in this post on my blog.

alternatively you can download this pack or single samples from it via freesound.org


Samplepack 2: Waves Mallorca 24bit/44.100 (38MB)*

rec wavs16 selections from field recordings of waves captured on Mallorca March 2013.
Recorded with the built-in mics on a zoom h4n.
post processed for ideal results. 24/44.100
some info: http://www.blog.ivorybunker.com/2013/04/736

alternatively you can dl this pack or samples via freesound.org



(all news are announced on the blog!)


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