New Music: Hidarimix, Redelivery and more Mornings

just a brief, if I can avoid getting sidetracked mid-writ… oh is that a tangent I could veer off on…ing (darn, too late!) update of what’s new out there in the world, musicwise.

12 Months of Mornings

16th April 2024, the third track in my year long 12 Months of Mornings project was finished and uploaded to the ever growing Bandcamp Album (with the price going up with every track added now, aka get in early!) last Sunday 12th May. I’ll do a proper report on this project again soon, but just a quick sentence or two:

I first created some sounds from the original image, then processed these through external pedals, especially the Hologram Microcosm and Eventide’s H90 (two relatively recent additions to the lab), then recorded those back into the DAW. From there I used, sampled, treated these sounds whichever way inspiration hit me, to produce this pulsating, glitched, grooving fight of light against darkness. (No bucolic mornings here). Check it out

But wait, there’s more. A while ago I worked on quite a number of remixes, some are still waiting to come out, but two have recently been released.

Nachtstrom & v93r – Zweikaese Hidarimix​.​wav

From the re-release of Nachtstrom & v93r – Organicum, legendary release from out of the aeons that was recently remastered, remixed and now (pre-)released on Bruitversum. My very first remix to get a proper release was of Dr. Nachtstrom, a track of his second album on Mego, which got a remix companion “N8.Strom Remixed” on Graz based label Park in 2001. And at the release party for that album in Vienna I first met v93r (Farmers Manual) and we did a short, some say ill fated live jam together.

Lastly, I got an email this morning that Gadgetbag 2 [Refill + Remix] by long standing friend Firnwald has been released on the People Can Listen label. Alongside Gadgetbag 2 [Refill + Remix]. Both great releases you should check out, but I’m honored by the inclusion of my “Attempted Redelivery” mix of “Deliverance”, included on #2. Check it out here:

Until next time. Enjoy, share, buy music and be excellent to each other!

Prepared Mezzo-Forte: Live Rehearsal Shared

Just a quick announcement that I’ve uploaded a recording of the live rehearsal for last Weekend’s amazing CRUX AV Festival at Rich Mix, where I had the pleasure to perform for one of the EMOM Slots on Sunday.

Performing at CRUX AV Festival EMOM, Rich Mix, London 13.04.2024 – Photo Crux Crew

There’s an outer-space-esque photo for you to look at, courtesy of the amazing Crux AV team who organized an amazing festival.
Once again I didn’t record the actual live performance, but I did record a few run-throughs of the rehearsal and uploaded the best version to SoundCloud for you to enjoy:

1) Intro/Lithophonurgia Sinistra V
2) Anikim (ライブ)
3) AverroesPlasticity

1 Reworked from Lithophonurgia Sinistra aka Stoned Tones
2 & 3 Reworked from Oblivion Engine

Check out the originals!!

For those of you who like looking at gear set-ups:

The next UK live appearance is tentatively penciled in for June 22nd in London. Details TBC.
Still looking for gigs in Austria last week of May/First Week of June. Hit me up if you want me to play!
Watch this space and follow on Socials/Bandcamp/Etc.

The matter of the CRUX and more

April, come they will… hopefully all next Weekend to CRUX festival at Rich Mix here in London.
The festival will run across two days from Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th, with a varied line-up of workshops, presentations and AV Live performances. On Sunday evening I’ll have the pleasure to do a short 15 minutes Tomoroh Hidari live-set as part of a series of Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM) slots throughout the festival.

Saturday (Top) and Sunday (bottom) even flyer with me playing at The Mix on Sunday at 20:45.

If you can’t make it, I’m currently looking for gigs again and hope to be playing in a city near you real soon.
Specifically I’m currently looking for gigs in Austria between May 26th and June 8th and Japan in September (2nd-21st). If you are a promoter and are interested in putting me on, please reach out via hidari [at] gmx [dot] net for more information.

A brief update also about my 12 Months of Mornings project. The February track was recently played on German Radio in a program called Eine Büchse Buntes on Radio Dreyecksland. Head here for tracklist and more info (in German). If you’re very quick you can still listen to the show online for another 4 days(from date of writing).

The project has also received an extensive feature in the fledgling community driven blog soon-to-be print magazine Means Magazine. Head here for the article.
I’d recommend checking out the whole magazine and – if you can – support what they’re doing by subscribing or buying one of their great fundraising compilations!

As always, thanks for reading and listening, for your support via bandcamp and for listening, following and sharing across other music services!

Sounds like the first morning – 12 Months of Mornings begun

At the beginning of February 2024 I started a new, year long project called “12 Months of Mornings”. You can read the inaugural post here. In short, over the course of a year starting in February 2024 and finishing with the photo from January 2025, I am creating one track a month based on the previous “good morning world” aka おはよオーリバー photo I regularly post on SNS.

First morning: 12th February 2024

A few days ago I finished and published the first track from the project, created based on the おはよオーリバー photo from 12th February 2024. It is available on Bandcamp as the first track of an album that will grow with each passing month as new tracks get added. It is currently set to pay as thou wilt, and will then slowly increase in price. So get in there early to get a great price! Or just have a listen via the embedded player:

So, what is going on there? you may ask.

This is all based on sounds, albeit many of them heavily treated with effects, created by loading the image above into various image to sound programs and creating a pool of sounds to work with.

Initially I tried Coagula, a piece of software that has been around for many years created by Rasmus Ekman, who also created the legendary Granulab. Unfortunately, Coagula interprets blue tones as noise, so the results with the image above were not too useful.

I then used an old version of Photosounder, which interprets the image properties differently and gives more control over a variety of aspects.

The original photo gets somewhat squashed in Photosounder, but you can change the frequency range to which areas of the photo are equated in the sonic outcome, limit the overall range frequency range (lowering this from 22050 to somewhere in the 14-18khz range can produce more musically interesting results at the cost of overtones). The result of this process was still relatively noisy. You can hear it coming in at the 1 minute mark of the final track – to make it more interesting I used a emulation of the MoogerFooger Ringmodulator and another plugin that created delay-based gating effects to create life/movement.

A screenshot of the final track project in Cubase, showing the effects in use on the Photosounder generated sound object.

I then moved to another program, Stone Voices’ Sound Art. This, again, sonifies images according to its algorithms, giving you a set of options. As you can see in the video below I did, for example at one point flip the image horizontally to created a different sound. This program also has some minimal image processing available, adding alpha and saturation controls to further shape the sonic output. I’ve created a short video using Sound Art. See if you recognize the sound in the finished track!

Overall I personally like the use of Sonification as a creative tool, but I also feel that it’s important to point out that this is a very arbitrary process that much more reflects artistic choices in how data is converted to sound, then it does about the actual data. And it’s worth to be wary when you’re told that something is the sound of a photo, or an astronomical object or other phenomena, projects or media that don’t naturally produce audible sounds.

“12 Months of Mornings” is, ultimately, a creative project of composition that works with – somewhat random – source material that I harvest by transforming images to sound. I’m also planning to use tools to transform images to MIDI (a language used to control synthesizers and other electronic instruments and that contains information about note pitch, velocity (loudness) etc. I will post about that process in a future update. It’s probably better to see the pictures as a graphic score, its instructions transformed into music by various means of interpretation.

You can get involved by becoming part of the process: The photo each month are selected by choosing the picture with the most engagement (likes, reposts) across both the platforms I’ve recently been posting them to, Twitter and BlueSky.

Another Day – Friday 22:05 Eternal

It’s been a couple of days since the release of the latest The Dubnihilist mini album. Thank you to all who supported it on Bandcamp, listened, joined in for the listening party on Sunday 3rd and those who shared it, helped spread the word and already played in on their radio shows! Among the latter, Fadimat 105 on Radio Fro in Austria and Utopian Transmission broadcasting from Felixstowe!

As of today, Friday 15.03.2024 the mini album is now also out on all major streaming services, youtube and selected download stores. Please chose the service of your choice and listen long and loud!! Do follow, please as in the fight against algorithmic obscurity, engagement really helps. Adding to playlists will give possibly earn you special Nihilist-Karma points!

CLICK HERE for a handy list of links to the major providers – if yours isn;t listed, just search for The Dubnihilist

A big thank you to mahorka’s Ivo Petrov who invited The Dubnihilist to contribute a 1 hour mix to the Planck Tone series to mark the occasion of the release. You can listen to the mix, a selection of own tunes and remixes as well as some dubtastic infuluences on Mixcloud:

Last not least, check out the first review over at Igloo Magazine! They even chose it as featured release! Many thanks!

Follow this link to read the review!

Make sure to follow on the various music platforms, such as Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Spotify and more! And of course on The Dubnihilist Social Media: BluSky, Instagram and Tw@ttreX.

PS: New The Dubnihilist tracks are already in the work and there will hopefully be an exciting announcement in the not too distant future! Live long and bass!