13 Objects and Solipsism in the bruitversum

I’ve never quite managed to stick to a single style within the realms of the Tomoroh Hidari sonic universe, to some degree because interests changed over time, but also because it is fun to indulge in different approaches.

Sometimes I chose or choose different aliases, such as the now defunct his Namelessness Is Legion (hNIL) or its successor 明日の音 (Asu no oto – a pun on Tomoroh Hidari: Tomorrow’s Noise). At other times I just think F# it and go with the original nome de plume. Such the case on the two (and a half) releases on bruitversum. Formerly bruit.at, bruitversum – now releasing via the bandcamp Zaibatsu of noise-anarchism explorers Farmers Manual, was founded by brothers Walter & Gert Brantner aka Dr. Nachtstrom and FM’s v93r respectively.

Founded around 2007 if memory serves well, bruit.at (discogs) emerged into the then burgeoning netlabel scene with a small number of select releases by artists such as the above named, plus Kabelton, Photophob and more. They also released a beautifully curated tribute to Philip K Dick compilation album. And eventually fell silent again. Many years later, with the advent of Bandcamp, a new spark of activity led to some of the original releases as well as some never before released music popping up again.

Among those my original release for bruit.at, originally titled (deep breath):

13 Objects, or a Dadaist, A Surrealist And A Group Of Random Bystanders Marvel At The Ferocious Whateverism Of The ‘Pataphysician.

Shortened to just 13 Objects now, the download now includes many of the source sounds, all created from 13 different household objects (pots, pans… etc.).

As of a few days ago 13 Objects is also available to stream via the usual suspects (spotify, apple music, youtube, amazon music, deezer, tidal, etc.) LINK or available via Juno Downloads.

With the various tracks paying homage to music concrete pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, Sigmund Freud (as spiritual reference of the Surrealists), outsider tape musician Todd Dockstader and French inventor (discoverer) of ‘Pataphysics, Alfred Jarry, this is “Post-modern ‘pataphysic popular music in the guise of music concrète.”

Released only in spring of 2023, after being saved from rotting away on a harddrive, the short “…but is it Solipsism” Ep features experiments in stochastic synthesis done and some of my earliest drone ventures. These pieces were created in 2004 using Cecilia – which I still frequently use, Csound (which I never got very far with tbh) plus some, according to my notes found with the files – although I don’t remember what exactly – creations done in Audiomulch.

A lot more minimal than 13 Objects, here titles are mostly inspired by the readings of Beat authors William S. Burroughs – apparently “It’s all the sane” was a favourite saying of his and Jack Kerouac (Zen Lunacy), with the “Waste-Time Continuum” being my personal description of days spent deep in je nai sai quoi.

“…but is it Solipsism” is, much as 13 Objects, available via subscription services (usual suspects) and from Juno Downloads.
But as always, your support on Bandcamp does reach musicians and underground labels best.

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