Hidarimixing Lagowski

The first time I heard a piece of music by Andrew Lagowski was in 1994/95 when I got a compilation called The Cave 1654 which featured a track – Komarov – by his Legion project. Quite intrigued by this track, its sample and the story in the compilation booklet I began exploring more of his work, first Legion and S.E.T.I., then his more beat oriented projects such as his collaboration with another fave of mine, Lustmord, Terror Against Terror and his output under Lagowski. It was in late 1995 that I found his Europa EP at a store in Soho on one of my London trips. Decades before moving to this city. With other releases to follow, especially when I discovered his bandcamp many years later….

Fast forward to the present, and our paths crossed on some not to be named social media platform. A “meet bruit” that should eventually lead to him remixing the track Anikim on my recent Oblivion Engine EP (two fantastic mixes).

Now I had the honor and pleasure to return the favor contributing two remix to his – if I may say so – fantastic new album “2525”, out today on Bandcamp. So please have a listen and, if you haven’t done so yet, explore more of Andrew’s manifold output!