Some days I gaze upon the stars…

… wake up where the clouds are far from obscuring this October Dawn.

Stargazer is out now on bandcamp and streaming on IBR sister label Dystopian Dub Discotheque.

Once there was an album called Dubnihilism. Originally it was called Hypnopaedic Rhymes for Dubnihilist Education. Yes, I had been reading Brave New World and listening to King Tubby et al. TL:DR it became Dubnihilism: A simple idea of blazing up the herb for non-Jah purposes turned into an in-group joke with Dystopian Dub Developments, which had been born as Dondrine Dub Developments – a monthly jam session in a bar called Die Dondrine in Vienna’s 7th district. As it is, the track Kirchengasse is named after that location.

Eventually the name The Dubnihilist stuck. And when last year (2022) I started to explore dub techno and ambient dub realms the name was already there.

Following a remix for Mono Peninsula in 2021 the first The Dubnihilist album, Wiener Linien came out in March of this year.

And now, on 6th October, a follow up 2 track EP – Stargazer – was released via bandcamp and other major streaming/download platforms.

The title track is about memories of cold winter nights in the Styrian mountains looking at a sky full of stars. October Dawn was inspired by a randomly recalled memory of a friend’s place where we’d sometimes find ourselves post-party in the early hours. He had a Hunt for Red October movie poster on the wall…