A New Morning after a night in the Teufelskammer, escape via Burg-hopping.

Good news everyone. Quite a few items, once again, as I didn’t manage to post about them one by one. Now there’s a lot of new music to tell you about:

A recent sign of life from my Death Librarian project that I’m very thrilled to be able to tell you about, not the least because it’s the first DL track to appear on physical media:

Teufelskammer (Devil’s chamber), an exclusive track inspired by the Teufelskammer at Austria’s Schloss Tratzberg and its surrounding story, was released last Saturday on limited edition tape and digital on the excellent Dustopian Frequencies label’s “Ghost Stories 3” compilation.
Check it out here, and if you’re quick, grab one of the remaining limited tapes! If you a player…

And then, once you’ve spent a night in the Teufelskammer (and haven’t been dragged to hell), you might wake up to another morning turned into sound.

Yes, the latest track from the 12 Months of Mornings project has been completed and is ready to listen. You can head to youtube, where I’ve uploaded all the tracks so far and will keep adding, and have a listen there:

Or, even better, go to bandcamp where you can treat yourself to owning the whole album. The sooner you get it, the cheaper as the price goes up by 50P with each new track added:

And as it’s the last day of June, don’t forget that you can still have a say in which picture is chosen next by looking at them on twtttrX or BluSky and liking/sharing/commenting for a point each. And follow for the next months, if you don’t already do. Read more about the project here and here.

May’s picture was, making for some nice variety, taken in Austria during a two week’s stay there end of May, first week of June….

… which is also a brilliant segue:

Taking us to our “Last not least” – as announcements go:

I did hint at Burg-hopping, and while I didn’t visit the Teufelskammer at Castle Tratzberg in person on this occasion, I did hop east – while in Austria – and paid an actual visit to Vienna’s Imperial Palace also know as Die Hofburg. There I did a short live performance for the private view (Vernisage) of “Vertiefung (Adding Depth)” by London based Space Group Architects at Redoutensaal Foyer.

Performing live at private view “Vertiefung (Adding Depth)” at Hofburg, Vienna

While the private view was only open to a small audience, the live set was recorded on multi-track, carefully mixed and is now being made available to all to hear via Graz, Austria based label bruitversum. Featuring two ambient/kankyo ongaku inspired tracks originally created for a previous project by Spacegroup Architects at London’s famous Regent Street, plus reworks of samples and sound material from two previous EPs, 13 Objects and Lithophonurgia sinistra, into new mash-up versions.

Pre-orders for Depth Sounding (Live at Hofburg, Vienna) are open and the full release is on July 5th. Do head over to bandcamp and check it out, please.

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