New Music: Hidarimix, Redelivery and more Mornings

just a brief, if I can avoid getting sidetracked mid-writ… oh is that a tangent I could veer off on…ing (darn, too late!) update of what’s new out there in the world, musicwise.

12 Months of Mornings

16th April 2024, the third track in my year long 12 Months of Mornings project was finished and uploaded to the ever growing Bandcamp Album (with the price going up with every track added now, aka get in early!) last Sunday 12th May. I’ll do a proper report on this project again soon, but just a quick sentence or two:

I first created some sounds from the original image, then processed these through external pedals, especially the Hologram Microcosm and Eventide’s H90 (two relatively recent additions to the lab), then recorded those back into the DAW. From there I used, sampled, treated these sounds whichever way inspiration hit me, to produce this pulsating, glitched, grooving fight of light against darkness. (No bucolic mornings here). Check it out

But wait, there’s more. A while ago I worked on quite a number of remixes, some are still waiting to come out, but two have recently been released.

Nachtstrom & v93r – Zweikaese Hidarimix​.​wav

From the re-release of Nachtstrom & v93r – Organicum, legendary release from out of the aeons that was recently remastered, remixed and now (pre-)released on Bruitversum. My very first remix to get a proper release was of Dr. Nachtstrom, a track of his second album on Mego, which got a remix companion “N8.Strom Remixed” on Graz based label Park in 2001. And at the release party for that album in Vienna I first met v93r (Farmers Manual) and we did a short, some say ill fated live jam together.

Lastly, I got an email this morning that Gadgetbag 2 [Refill + Remix] by long standing friend Firnwald has been released on the People Can Listen label. Alongside Gadgetbag 2 [Refill + Remix]. Both great releases you should check out, but I’m honored by the inclusion of my “Attempted Redelivery” mix of “Deliverance”, included on #2. Check it out here:

Until next time. Enjoy, share, buy music and be excellent to each other!