Another Day – Friday 22:05 Eternal

It’s been a couple of days since the release of the latest The Dubnihilist mini album. Thank you to all who supported it on Bandcamp, listened, joined in for the listening party on Sunday 3rd and those who shared it, helped spread the word and already played in on their radio shows! Among the latter, Fadimat 105 on Radio Fro in Austria and Utopian Transmission broadcasting from Felixstowe!

As of today, Friday 15.03.2024 the mini album is now also out on all major streaming services, youtube and selected download stores. Please chose the service of your choice and listen long and loud!! Do follow, please as in the fight against algorithmic obscurity, engagement really helps. Adding to playlists will give possibly earn you special Nihilist-Karma points!

CLICK HERE for a handy list of links to the major providers – if yours isn;t listed, just search for The Dubnihilist

A big thank you to mahorka’s Ivo Petrov who invited The Dubnihilist to contribute a 1 hour mix to the Planck Tone series to mark the occasion of the release. You can listen to the mix, a selection of own tunes and remixes as well as some dubtastic infuluences on Mixcloud:

Last not least, check out the first review over at Igloo Magazine! They even chose it as featured release! Many thanks!

Follow this link to read the review!

Make sure to follow on the various music platforms, such as Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Spotify and more! And of course on The Dubnihilist Social Media: BluSky, Instagram and Tw@ttreX.

PS: New The Dubnihilist tracks are already in the work and there will hopefully be an exciting announcement in the not too distant future! Live long and bass!