Friday 22:05

The Dubnihilist is back with the track that started this incarnation. And there is more!

The Dubnihilist – Friday 22:05 (Cover by dfkt)

Out today, Leap day 2024 via Dystopian Dub Discotheque, is “Friday 22:05” the latest mini-album by The Dubnihilist.

Consisting of the title track, an all hardware – I think DAWless* is the hype-word these days – Electro Dub Jam, recorded in May 2020 on small set-up that marked the beginning of moving away from mostly in the box work to increasingly more hardware making its way into the productions here chez Bunquere.
*The final product is, strictly speaking, not purely DAWless because it had been recorded multi-track and additional edits plus mixdown effects (EQ/Compressor/Gates) were used. No additional synths/echoes or overdubs tho.

Rediscovered a while ago the track was uploaded to Soundcloud and found quite positive echo so why not put it out properly?! Which brings us to today’s release which features two remixes by The Dubnihilist themselves, which both stray quite a bit from the original. “Friday 22:05 (Another Day)” is a straight, dubtechno track that strips down a lot of the chords, instead opting for plentiful percussions and bass over a 4/4 kick. And “Friday 22:05 (3:00 AM)” is a pure, beat-less chill-out track.

Another premiere for The Dubnihilist is the inclusion of two remixes by artist friends: “Friday 22:05 (autonomaton remixes The Dubnihilist)”, a leftfield reworking which, of all the versions, stays closest to the original but transforms it into new shapes and adds its own subtle twists. autonomaton, of course, is a label mate of old – his release “a little adventure in unconventional dub” was released on DDD in 2016. And we’re slowly but steadily working towards more releases from a wider roster of artists. Stay tuned!

Last not least, “Friday 22:05 (Mono Peninsula Remix)” brings another artist friend (as Photophob he has previously remixed Tomoroh Hidari and vice versa) into the circle. I’m especially thrilled about this, as Mono Peninsula have not only been a constant source of inspiration with his exploits in the dub techno/ambient dub and beyond, but also a catalyst towards this incarnation of The Dubnihilist thanks to their invitation to remix “Severnaya” on “Archangelsk Revisited“.

“Friday 22:05” is now out on Bandcamp.

There will be an online bandcamp Listening Party on Sunday 3rd March 2024 8PM UK Time.

The release should be available on major streaming services by Mid-March 2024. Make sure to follow on the provider of your choice, such as Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Spotify and more.

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