Prepared Mezzo-Forte: Live Rehearsal Shared

Just a quick announcement that I’ve uploaded a recording of the live rehearsal for last Weekend’s amazing CRUX AV Festival at Rich Mix, where I had the pleasure to perform for one of the EMOM Slots on Sunday.

Performing at CRUX AV Festival EMOM, Rich Mix, London 13.04.2024 – Photo Crux Crew

There’s an outer-space-esque photo for you to look at, courtesy of the amazing Crux AV team who organized an amazing festival.
Once again I didn’t record the actual live performance, but I did record a few run-throughs of the rehearsal and uploaded the best version to SoundCloud for you to enjoy:

1) Intro/Lithophonurgia Sinistra V
2) Anikim (ライブ)
3) AverroesPlasticity

1 Reworked from Lithophonurgia Sinistra aka Stoned Tones
2 & 3 Reworked from Oblivion Engine

Check out the originals!!

For those of you who like looking at gear set-ups:

The next UK live appearance is tentatively penciled in for June 22nd in London. Details TBC.
Still looking for gigs in Austria last week of May/First Week of June. Hit me up if you want me to play!
Watch this space and follow on Socials/Bandcamp/Etc.