Relaunching Ivory Bunker Com

Aka: guess who’s back?!

It’s been overdue for a few years now, but I’m finally relaunching the bunker. While various social media sites may have certain advantages in reaching a lot of people, it feels increasingly meaningful these days – or so I find – to have your own dedicated presence on the web.

Please bear with me while I build this site up again & add sub-sites for various projects (most of which were accidentally deleted recently). The visual design I’m planning to keep mostly the same, with some minor tweaks. At the same time, the plan – at least for now – is to relaunch the blog as a source of regular updates and information about releases and other activities.

To get us started with something more than just me blabbering on about what you’re seeing here anyways, let me point you to my most recent release, an EP called Oblivion Engine on legendary Miami label Schematic. It features 5 new tracks plus 2 remixes by Lagowski:

A great review has been published on that unwavering resource of underground electronica, Igloo Magazine. Read it here: Oblivion Engine Igloomag Review. Another great review, in French, can be read on IRM.

Edit: In the meantime Oblivion Engine too has found its way to the major streaming services, among them, just to link to the most popular – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and youtube:

I’ve also recently signed up with a service that enables me to get my music released on Ivory Bunker onto streaming services. While I’d like to strongly encourage everyone to get music on Bandcamp or similar services, as this supports artists the most, I’m happy for you to listen via your preferred services. Most recently I’ve uploaded the 2018 release “On The Verge Of The Best Madness So Far which can now be listened to on all major platforms. Pick yours and listen to your heart’s content.