Alien Streams, Other Absvrdities…

I’m continuing to get music up on streaming services for your convenience. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of their business models, especially where independent artists are concerned. At the same time they are a way to potentially reach new listeners.

The most recent album that is now available on all* major streaming services is Alien Audio Absurdities

It’s Alien Audio Absurdities, but somehow became Avdio Absvrdities… because Latin
*at time of writing I’m waiting for it to appear on Apple Music.

If Youtube is your thing, it’s there as well:

Alien Audio Absurdities on Youtube

Alien Audio Absurdities was recorded in 2001-2002 approximately and was finished before my debut album, The Necrophonicon which was released in 2004 on Isolate Records. It was made available in around 2008 for a while as download on Record Label Records in mp3 format. It has since been re-released in lossless formats with the current cover on Ivory Bunker Records via bandcamp.

Another great way to get your music to new listeners are, of course, radio shows and podcasts. Recently tracks from Oblivion Engine have been featured on a few. So check them out, give them a follow on MixCloud where available!

First, DJ Space Terrapin’s “It Came From Enclosure Three” show, a staple of electronic music and more broadcasting on MadWasp Radio. And archived on Mixcloud. Many thanks for featuring AverroesSswingg [sic!]! Check out the show in question here:

Secondly, The Homebrew Electronica Show by Kev. A great, two hour long show featuring a host of great artists and tunes. Thanks for playing Protoplasticity. Check out the show here:

Last not least our good friend Fadi Dorninger from Base, The Smiling Buddhas, WipeOut and so much more featured some tracks on his July 4th Fadimat105 show on air in Austria sending from Linz on Radio Fro. I’m not aware of an archive sadly. Nonetheless, here’s the playlist!

A big thank you to all the radio- and podcast makers, reviewers etc who put in the time and effort to spread the word about underground music!
Always just get in touch for promo codes!

PS: I’ve had some feedback that this site doesn’t display well on mobile devices. I’m looking into changing this soon. Apologies for my desktop-browser centric world (wide web) view…