The past in the present, the present dreaming of Waikiki

A long, long time ago… as the story starts in the year A.D. 1999, in an era of watching a lot of Johnny Bravo, Kurosawa, Seijun Suzuki, Shinya Tsukamoto films while listening to surf music and drinking Pina Coladas (not sure about that last bit tbh, but we did party like it was 1999) I created the two main mixes that eventually became the backbone of “On Waikiki Beach”. Finally released as an EP with two 2020 mixes (a more straightforward remix and an Aso no Oto drone version) on Ivory Bunker Recordings, it can still be obtained via my personal favorite platform, Bandcamp:

The EP was reviewed on Igloo Magazine quite favorably at the time:

On Waikiki Beach flutters with an experimental electronic smorgasbord that doesn’t let up during its 24 minute stay—its distracted and meandering sonic debris is one that we’ll continue to revisit.

ワイキキビーチのに日本の女の子 (which is pronounced as “waikiki bii-chi no ni nihon no onnanoko” and translates to Japanese Girls on Waikiki Beach – I did mention the influences above…) is the first track, build around a meandering guitar patch, a sample from an attempt to play surf-style on guitar myself, mangled with the mighty Vaz-Modular. The beats were heavily inspired by Autechre’s “Flutter” and are pretty much completely non-repetitive.
“Oh Yeah” is the second track from the time, taking the same guitar drone file but this time with some breakbeats and sub-basses.
ワイキキビーチのに日本の女の子 2020年リミックス is the 2020 remix of the title track. I’ve even done a video for this, very repetitive on this occasion (the video.)

Finally Asu No Oto was Dreaming of Waikiki Beach on a Cold Noisevember Night, an exercise of one alias remixing another…

There you go, the sins of youth still hold up musically in later years…

… and are now available on all the major streaming services for your convenience. Pick your poison below and enjoy. Please share if you like, add to playlists etc. It all helps!