Darkness and Decay: Room of Wires remixed

Tomoroh Hidari-wise I spent the final weeks of 23 and first few of 24 mostly creating three remixes. And I’m happy to share that the first of these is out now on DECAYED, celebrating “10yrs of isolation and collaboration” of UK duo Room of Wires.

“For Room of Wires, this is still the beginning, always eager to explore new ground, even after 10 years. Here, they invite some of their past allies to re-work a few highlights from the last decade, as well as a couple of re-workings from themselves.”

Released via S27 the album features remixes by Weldroid, Cognition Delay, 4T Thieves, Peltiform, The Dronefynder General, Daz Disley and Room of Wires themselves, all mixed into a cohesive story-arc that works perfectly for listening to it all in one piece!

Here’s to the next 10 years from me also!
And now head over to Bandcamp, listen and support thine musicians:

…and stay tuned for announcements of other forthcoming remixes and more!

12 Months of Mornings

I am adjective to announce a new, slightly different Tomoroh Hidari project which starts today:

12 Months of Mornings.
A musical exploration of photographed morning skies. February 2024 – January 2025.

おはよオーリバー of 01.02.2024

Each month starting from February 2024 one photo from my regular ”おはよオーリバー” (Ohayooliver: “good morning (from/to) Oliver”) social media posts will be chosen to form the basis for a track. By using the result of a transformation “sonification” into sound using image to sound software (image to midi if such a thing exists would also be interesting) as the first building block of the composition to work with and build on.

The selection of the pictures will initially be decided by choosing the picture with the most engagement (likes, reposts)* across both the platforms I’ve recently been posting them to, Twitter and BlueSky.  

The first month will be February 2024 with all photos from the 1st to the 29th being eligible. I’ll check the stats on or after March 1st and will then create the first track. 

おはよオーリバー from 23.11.2023

A bit of background story:

A bit over two years ago, if memory serves me right, I started to regularly take pictures of – mostly – the morning sky from my window and post them on SNS with the greeting おはよオーリバー (Ohayo-liba-) a portmanteau of Japanese Ohayou and my first ever name, Oliver: “Good Morning Oliver” (although you may find that auto translate is sometimes the better surrealist of us).

Sufficiently meandered -> flashback: Having never in my life been a fan of the early morning hours, unless they were experienced at the end of an Epicurean night, I learned to embrace them coming from the other side of bedtime. Inevitable, once one allows a cat to move in. (Extra points for mentioning cat.)

So, I began this smartphone-age ritual to take a photo out the window every (well, the majority) of mornings as part of my wake-up routine (espresso, cat cuddles, the usual…) and share it. It’s a friendly “hello world” in the morning, a breeze of fresh air (short in winter, where I often wait until after daybreak) and a book of days in pixels. Distant skies (or less open views) from hotel rooms when I travel, variations on a theme on a polychrome scale ranging from grey-in-grey-ish grey to more colours than a 90s SONY commercial.

Originally mostly on Instagram/fb stories, they started to also find their way to Ex-twittre and, occasionally – and from now on regularly – BlueSky. And on the latter two mostly have found their small but appreciated as well as appreciative audience and thanks to the friendly comments of one EQ-P (now officially a Muse!) the idea for this emergent project was sparked.

おはよオーリバー from 15.01.2024

There may other ideas come along or develop over the next twelve months, so there’s scope for this project to evolve, but for the principle of 1 picture of each month is chosen and a track created from it the following month.

I haven’t decided yet how I will release the music and considering various options including a subscription maybe, but would also be up work with an adventurous and supportive label on this.
More tba.

*(Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into an onslaught of “vote for this month’s…” daily tweets, but I might occasionally encourage or find – hopefully entertaining – ways to keep folks engaged. I’m planning to also post about the process a bit, so do follow along for more!

So stayed tuned for the morning skies. And follow me on BlueSky or Ex-Twittre for your daily おはよオーリバー。ありがとうございます。

… before you leave: Tomorrow, February 2nd is another Bandcamp Friday. Your support, as always, means the world! Thanks!

In the year 24…

Emerging this side of the Dead of Winter, with a quick final look back before rolling out the new announcements about all the sound of shapes to come…

For those that missed – and those who’d like to revisit – the Tomoroh Hidari live gig at Dis/Loyal last December, a video of the full performance was shared by Am Not & the organizers, with many thanks to Irina Ch. who kindly took the video holding still for half an hour!

I’m also very happy to share that Oblivion Engine, released last May on Schematic, has been included on Igloo Magazine’s Best of 2023

Igloo Magazine Best of 2023

And The Dubnihilist’s debut Wiener Linien was similarly included on the year end best list of longstanding German Groove Magazine.

Death Librarian’s Ghost Elegies was kindly included by French Indie Rock Mag who also included The Dubnihilist’s Stargazer EP here.

Speaking of the latter, it was recently also reviewed in Igloo Magazine. A track off Stargazer, as well as one of the remixes I did for Lagowski last year, are featured in this year in review mix by Mahorka Label boss Ivo Petrov

Last not least, Bruitversum Label makers Brothers Campfire (aka Dr. Nachtstrom & vg3r) are back with a surprise release feat an “involuntarily donated vocal sample” by yours truly. Check it out nonetheless:


Solstice 23

Happy Solstice
Hope everyone had a good year with magnificent music.

I could wax lyrical about another year gone by, or meditate somberly on what the passing of time means… but better, let’s measure time in 5/4, 3/8 or 4/4 and let the music sound for itself: – I had quite a few releases out in 2023 across number of labels and alias, including two on the olde Bunquere:

Death Librarian live at noise=noise/telegrafia Oct 23. Photo Martin F.

Most recently, only a few days ago I released: Death Librarian – Live Rehearsal File: October 23
Pretty much what it says in the title – a recording from the rehearsal for the debut Death Librarian gig in October. It’s a free dl for everyone to enjoy.

And, before that a couple of months ago: Tomoroh Hidari – Denryoku Mirai.
Consisting of jams I recorded in Japan in May – more here.

Others (chronologically):

Death Librarian – Ghost Elegies (Component Recordings) – February 2023

Tomoroh Hidari – … but is it solipsism (bruitversum) – February 2023

The Dubnihilist – Wiener Linien (Dystopian Dub Discotheque) – March 2023

Tomoroh Hidari – Oblivion Engine (Schematic) – May 2023
(incl 2 remixes by Lagowski)

2 remixes on: Lagowski – 2525 (Lagowski Bandcamp) – Sept 2023

The Dubnihilist – Stargazer (Dystopian Dub Discotheque) – Oct 2023

Many of these are also available on all major streaming services such as Sp*tify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, Youtube, Deezer etc. or dl from JunoDL: Hidari Dubnihilist

Dubnihilist streaming links: Sp*tify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, Youtube.

More to come next year, including another Dubnihilist Track w/great remixes. And two more Tomoroh Hidari remixes finished waiting to come out, with others already in the pipeline.

Stay tuned here for announcements. Or follow on the usual socials. Linktree in the sidebar.
And hoping to do more liveshows. So let your local promoters know if you’d like to see me in your town!

Use CODE “solstice” for up to 80% discount on all on Ivory Bunker Bandcamp or Dystopian Dub Discotheque.
Valid through 24.12.2023 23:38h


Happy winter break!

Upcoming live performancesについて

I’m (“hype”-adjective) to announce two upcoming live performances, all to take place in a near future setting (aka the near future):

Coming up first is the debut live performance of my Death Industrial/Ambient Industrial project Death Librarian. After releasing tracks on compilations last year and the debut album Ghost Elegies at the beginning of the year, I’m excited to bring this project to live audiences for the first time on October 21st in Hackney, East London.

NOISE=NOISE x Telegrafia \0005 at Telegrafia, Mare Street. October 21st 2023. Doors 7:30 with >Σ, Timothy Tate, Death Librarian, Crow, Tyryyyn

An interesting line-up on the noisy, experimental side. Tickets are available via the Telegrafia Shop: https://telegrafia.uk/shop/ For those interested in synth DIY, there will be a workshop to build a small DIY sampler on in the afternoon of the 21st. Check the telegrafia link for tickets/more. NNNN fb-event.


On December 10th I’ll be performing the first Tomoroh Hidari gig in front of an actual audience since 2013. Yes, there’s been live streams during lockdown when my 小さな夢​達 album was released. But other than that, I haven’t performed a Tomoroh Hidari gig since September 2013. So it might be about time.

DIS/LOYAL Sunday 10th December 2023 at Aces*Eights, Tufnell Park, London. With Dragon, Tomoroh Hidari, Charnull, Am Not & Ever Orchid

Once again, an ace looking line up, so do make sure to come by and enjoy and evening of live electronic musicks. Ticket Link (<<– updated!!). fb-event

I’ve been a lot more comfortable in the studio (bunker) for the last few years, but happy to be giving playing live another try. If those gigs go reasonably well I might be up for more… so stay tuned.
And if you are putting on shows and are interested in having me, reach out via hidari [@] gmx [.] net. Ta!