Ivory Bunker

Musician, Producer, Sound-Engineer

photo by dfkt.tk

Call me Nemo von Nirgends. Or Oliver. Always with the *ver, thankyou!
As in Oliver Stummer  – although that’s a bit of a different guy. He’s not on the Internet much, more reserved and a bit introverted – and actually less cynical. But we digress…

Some of my work has been credited to Oliver Stummer amonst them production/programming of two Kreuzweg Ost albums, works for ORF Kunstradio, Volkstheater Wien and original compositions for the Mixtur Trautonium (in collaboration with Liesl Ujvary). And probably more. I’m not, however, the Ufologist of same name.

I used to record and perform as Tomoroh Hidari, you may have heard of it, it’s what most of my work is credited to up to now, but don’t worry if you haven’t.*

his Namelessness Is Legion,is actually me. But would like to remain nameless, thanks!

I’m half of VoidTM, although how one can be half of a Void me and Thibault Autheman have yet to figure out. And come to terms with.

I play guitar and noisemaking (synths) in a Punk crossover band called FLAK - with awesome bandmates Rizz, Polly, Layla and Mark.

and, as if that wasn’t enough: as of recent I also curate a Weblabel focused on alternative Dub or Dubnihilism as I call it. Dystopian Dub Discotheque, continues my mission to go forth and bass which I had started when I was organizing a monthly dub jam in Vienna for over 2 years from 2005 onwards.
Because of my creation of Dubnihilism I’m also sometimes referred to as The Dubnihilist but this is not a name but more like a title like Pope or Janitor.

And then there’s some samplepacks, – mostly sounds recorded in the process of my DIY Electronics tinkering – one of my more recent hobbies. Which brings us to: photography.

And all this and more make up what goes into this blog. Hope you enjoy and can gain something from it!

I live in North London but my mind wanders a lot in its spare time. I studied Journalism & Media/Communications and English at Universität Wien – yes, I am Austrian, hence born with Röckdöts).

The five words I probably use the most are Coffee, Zeppelin, Hovercraft… the three words I probably use the most are Coffee, Zeppelin, Hovercraft.

I use more words in a mostly non-sensical literature fragments for add/adhd syndrome victims and wannabes-style on a specialized tumblr:

Nemo von Nirgends

Links are on the top, bandcamp below!

Blah Chess…

*just head over to bandcamp and buy all my music now and it’s fine (;

for any inquiries contact me at inbox[at]ivorybunker[dot]com