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My most recent release, 3 track digital single Denryoku Mirai is now out on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.

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13 Objects and Solipsism in the bruitversum

I’ve never quite managed to stick to a single style within the realms of the Tomoroh Hidari sonic universe, to some degree because interests changed over time, but also because it is fun to indulge in different approaches.

Sometimes I chose or choose different aliases, such as the now defunct his Namelessness Is Legion (hNIL) or its successor 明日の音 (Asu no oto – a pun on Tomoroh Hidari: Tomorrow’s Noise). At other times I just think F# it and go with the original nome de plume. Such the case on the two (and a half) releases on bruitversum. Formerly, bruitversum – now releasing via the bandcamp Zaibatsu of noise-anarchism explorers Farmers Manual, was founded by brothers Walter & Gert Brantner aka Dr. Nachtstrom and FM’s v93r respectively.

Founded around 2007 if memory serves well, (discogs) emerged into the then burgeoning netlabel scene with a small number of select releases by artists such as the above named, plus Kabelton, Photophob and more. They also released a beautifully curated tribute to Philip K Dick compilation album. And eventually fell silent again. Many years later, with the advent of Bandcamp, a new spark of activity led to some of the original releases as well as some never before released music popping up again.

Among those my original release for, originally titled (deep breath):

13 Objects, or a Dadaist, A Surrealist And A Group Of Random Bystanders Marvel At The Ferocious Whateverism Of The ‘Pataphysician.

Shortened to just 13 Objects now, the download now includes many of the source sounds, all created from 13 different household objects (pots, pans… etc.).

As of a few days ago 13 Objects is also available to stream via the usual suspects (spotify, apple music, youtube, amazon music, deezer, tidal, etc.) LINK or available via Juno Downloads.

With the various tracks paying homage to music concrete pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, Sigmund Freud (as spiritual reference of the Surrealists), outsider tape musician Todd Dockstader and French inventor (discoverer) of ‘Pataphysics, Alfred Jarry, this is “Post-modern ‘pataphysic popular music in the guise of music concrète.”

Released only in spring of 2023, after being saved from rotting away on a harddrive, the short “…but is it Solipsism” Ep features experiments in stochastic synthesis done and some of my earliest drone ventures. These pieces were created in 2004 using Cecilia – which I still frequently use, Csound (which I never got very far with tbh) plus some, according to my notes found with the files – although I don’t remember what exactly – creations done in Audiomulch.

A lot more minimal than 13 Objects, here titles are mostly inspired by the readings of Beat authors William S. Burroughs – apparently “It’s all the sane” was a favourite saying of his and Jack Kerouac (Zen Lunacy), with the “Waste-Time Continuum” being my personal description of days spent deep in je nai sai quoi.

“…but is it Solipsism” is, much as 13 Objects, available via subscription services (usual suspects) and from Juno Downloads.
But as always, your support on Bandcamp does reach musicians and underground labels best.

Bruitversum on facebook

Bruitversum bandcamp

Electricity Future coming on 4th August

Denryoku Mirai, a three track single of tracks I recorded on my trip around Japan in May of this year is due to be released coming Friday 4th August 2023 on Ivory Bunker Records Bandcamp, with streaming services & other download stores following a week later.


  1. Denryoku Mira
  2. Hakata Morning Kabukicho Nights
  3. Kyoto Hotel

All tracks were recorded live to stereo using a Roland Aira Compact T8 groovebox, a Hikari Instruments DUOS synth and the Zoom HD4N recorder. Track 1 & 3 recorded in Kyoto, Track 2 Recorded in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo with additional field recordings taken at Hakata Station, Fukuoka. Edits and mastering at Ye Bunker ov London July 2023. (Cover created with a little help from St. Able Di Fusion)

The setup used, here at the hotel in Kyoto

The title track Denryoku Mirai (Electricity Future) is up for listening on Soundcloud:

Follow at Ivory Bunker Bandcamp to be notified of the latest releases as soon as they go live.

5G Music Technology where I picked up the Hikari Duos is synth heaven on Earth, or more specifically at Harajuku Jingu-Mae

The past in the present, the present dreaming of Waikiki

A long, long time ago… as the story starts in the year A.D. 1999, in an era of watching a lot of Johnny Bravo, Kurosawa, Seijun Suzuki, Shinya Tsukamoto films while listening to surf music and drinking Pina Coladas (not sure about that last bit tbh, but we did party like it was 1999) I created the two main mixes that eventually became the backbone of “On Waikiki Beach”. Finally released as an EP with two 2020 mixes (a more straightforward remix and an Aso no Oto drone version) on Ivory Bunker Recordings, it can still be obtained via my personal favorite platform, Bandcamp:

The EP was reviewed on Igloo Magazine quite favorably at the time:

On Waikiki Beach flutters with an experimental electronic smorgasbord that doesn’t let up during its 24 minute stay—its distracted and meandering sonic debris is one that we’ll continue to revisit.

ワイキキビーチのに日本の女の子 (which is pronounced as “waikiki bii-chi no ni nihon no onnanoko” and translates to Japanese Girls on Waikiki Beach – I did mention the influences above…) is the first track, build around a meandering guitar patch, a sample from an attempt to play surf-style on guitar myself, mangled with the mighty Vaz-Modular. The beats were heavily inspired by Autechre’s “Flutter” and are pretty much completely non-repetitive.
“Oh Yeah” is the second track from the time, taking the same guitar drone file but this time with some breakbeats and sub-basses.
ワイキキビーチのに日本の女の子 2020年リミックス is the 2020 remix of the title track. I’ve even done a video for this, very repetitive on this occasion (the video.)

Finally Asu No Oto was Dreaming of Waikiki Beach on a Cold Noisevember Night, an exercise of one alias remixing another…

There you go, the sins of youth still hold up musically in later years…

… and are now available on all the major streaming services for your convenience. Pick your poison below and enjoy. Please share if you like, add to playlists etc. It all helps!

Alien Streams, Other Absvrdities…

I’m continuing to get music up on streaming services for your convenience. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of their business models, especially where independent artists are concerned. At the same time they are a way to potentially reach new listeners.

The most recent album that is now available on all* major streaming services is Alien Audio Absurdities

It’s Alien Audio Absurdities, but somehow became Avdio Absvrdities… because Latin
*at time of writing I’m waiting for it to appear on Apple Music.

If Youtube is your thing, it’s there as well:

Alien Audio Absurdities on Youtube

Alien Audio Absurdities was recorded in 2001-2002 approximately and was finished before my debut album, The Necrophonicon which was released in 2004 on Isolate Records. It was made available in around 2008 for a while as download on Record Label Records in mp3 format. It has since been re-released in lossless formats with the current cover on Ivory Bunker Records via bandcamp.

Another great way to get your music to new listeners are, of course, radio shows and podcasts. Recently tracks from Oblivion Engine have been featured on a few. So check them out, give them a follow on MixCloud where available!

First, DJ Space Terrapin’s “It Came From Enclosure Three” show, a staple of electronic music and more broadcasting on MadWasp Radio. And archived on Mixcloud. Many thanks for featuring AverroesSswingg [sic!]! Check out the show in question here:

Secondly, The Homebrew Electronica Show by Kev. A great, two hour long show featuring a host of great artists and tunes. Thanks for playing Protoplasticity. Check out the show here:

Last not least our good friend Fadi Dorninger from Base, The Smiling Buddhas, WipeOut and so much more featured some tracks on his July 4th Fadimat105 show on air in Austria sending from Linz on Radio Fro. I’m not aware of an archive sadly. Nonetheless, here’s the playlist!

A big thank you to all the radio- and podcast makers, reviewers etc who put in the time and effort to spread the word about underground music!
Always just get in touch for promo codes!

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